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Other Wireless Devices

Bluetooth wireless is included with a lot of different electronic devices. Cameras, bicycle GPS systems, printers, and of course phones and mp3 players. The technology provides convenience.

Here are a few other devices that you may be interested in if you are seeking out hand’s free music listening. Not exactly wireless earbuds but handsfree at least.

If you have an iPod shuffle here is one neat way to not have to hold onto and shed your earphone wires:

Monster iFreePlay Cordless Headphones

Arriva cordless iPod Shuffle Earbuds

Both of these come highly recommended by Ipod shuffle owners. The iFreePlay are a set of headphones that you plug your ipod shuffle into, allowing for hands free listening.

With the Arriva your ipod gets tucked into a little pouch that can hang off of the back of your head and the earbuds come right out of that package. This means your ipod shuffle does not need to be in front of you or hanging out of your pocket. The connection between the pouch and the earbuds is stiff and can be adjusted so the arrangements works well to keep everything in place, even if you are doing something active.

Here are a few interesting headsets. These are not quite earbuds and not quite headphones.

Sony DRBT140Q Bluetooth Headset

Kyocera Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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