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A Guide to Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds rid you of some annoying wires and allows you to enjoy your mp3 player or iPod in comfort. If you are in the market for a set of wireless earphones it may be a little difficult, at first, to figure out what your choices are. The Wireless Earbud Guide is designed to help you understand your options: technological considerations, what to expect from different types of earbuds and an idea about what this might cost. Let’s get started…

Bluetooth or Kleer?

These are the two different wireless standards used in wireless earphones. Many people are familiar with Bluetooth wireless because it is found in a wide variety of electronic devices.  If you have a Bluetooth mp3 player you might think the choice between Bluetooth wireless and Kleer wireless is a no brainer. Why use anything else? Because the second choice, Kleer technology, offers much better sound quality.

Get rid of those tangled earphone wires!

Get rid of those tangled earphone wires!

If you want to listen to music and are picky about what you hear, Kleer enabled wireless earbuds are the best choice. Kleer technology can also have greater range (~ 30 feet in some cases) and is less energy demanding than Bluetooth.

Internal or Attached Transmitter?

If you have a Bluetooth device and Bluetooth wireless earbuds, life is good. You already have a transmitter in your digital music player, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Kleer technology, or adding Bluetooth transmission to a device that does not already have Bluetooth built in, will require an additional piece of equipment. Kleer earbuds typically include a transmitter as part of what you are buying. Bluetooth earphones, on the other hand, may or may not include a transmitter. Be sure to check into this if you mp3 player does not have a built in Bluetooth transmitter.

Dual Use?

Bluetooth devices are commonplace so it is not a stretch to have a phone and mp3 player that are Bluetooth enbabled. If you prefer the capability of being able to use your earbuds for phone calls and listening to your music it is possible to find earbuds that allow you  to switch between these two uses.

Separate or Connected Earbuds?

The receiver for the wireless signal can be integrated into each earbud or to a central unit that is connected to both earbuds. The former makes for slightly bulky earbuds while the later makes for a crescent shaped device that contains both the receiver and the attached earbuds.

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